Material advantages

Enamelled steel

The enamelled steel used for our chimneys is a material is both modern and durable.

FONDIS chose enamelled steel for its many properties that make it a material of choice for high-end rendering. Its characteristics result from the favourable combination of steel and enamel. The steel provides mechanical strength and qualities of fitness, while enamel is tough but adds a shine to the surface of our decorations.

It is during the enamelling process that the steel is coated with the enamel. This operation involves applying and then firing at high temperature (830 ° C) one or more layers of crystal glasses by various methods. Baking quality materials at high temperatures provides extreme strength and protection over time.

Our surrounds are made of enamelled steel and are resistant to aggressive environments like sunlight, heat, cold and scratches.

Decoration available in enamelled steel : BERLINGO®

Painted steel

Our decorations are made of painted steel from a steel plate that is processed and filtered to become pure and free of irregularities.

After treatment, the steel sheet is coated with epoxy paint which is then baked. This paint is used in various fields (industrial flooring, decorative, agro-food and water sports) for its resistance to chemical and machinery, we use this material to give a quality, long-lasting finish.

Decorations available in painted steel : EPURE, BERLINGO®, PRISME®, INTERVALLE®


Coming from a revolutionary technology, we chose the Ductal ® concrete for its high performance ductile behaviour.

Our surrounds in concrete Ductal ® are made of a fibrous cement matrix which makes them very strong, durable whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. A real technical feature, the fibrous concrete Ductal ® gives a high resistance to corrosion, abrasion and impact. Thanks to its compactness, this new material has the durability qualities, similar to those of an impermeable material.


The fineness of the components of Ductal ® allows implementation of self-compacting material and a faithful reproduction of textures to reproduce very precise patterns.

Decoration available in Ductal® concrete : PETAL


Lacquered wood

Our lacquered wood decorations are made of white gloss polyurethane pigmented layers which offer a great versatility of use and exceptional resistance to shocks. Fondis chose polyurethane paint finishes for getting high coverage with a constant brightness and pure excellent aesthetic results, made evident by the fireplace furniture MODULO ® 220. This paint is used in the most varied sectors (furniture, wood mouldings). Our decorations in painted wood offer aesthetic and high-end rendering.


Our decorations are made of Corian ® for perfect purity, reliability and an exclusive performance.

Corian ® is a combination of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer.

Non-porous and warm to the touch, this material creates a sensory environment of smooth textures, attractive opalescent colours, delicate “play of light”, stunning decoration and pure inspiration much like ECHOES ® that offers varied landscape and vaporous spirit. The durable and waterproof qualities of Corian ® allow it to be used outside as well as inside. It also contributes to a healthy non-toxic environment and is wear-resistant to shocks, scratches, stain and mildew.

Decoration available with Corian® : ECHOS®